Is Mercy Home a closed or open campus?

Mercy Home is an open campus, not a lock-down facility. Admission to and continued participation in our program is completely voluntary – in fact, it can only work when a youth commits to change his or her life.

While youth benefit from adhering to the structure that we build into their daily schedules, they travel to school, work after-school and summer jobs, visit friends, take walks, play sports, participate in extra-curricular activities at their schools and back at the Home, and more. In short, they live their lives as typical teens. With the exception of getting to and from school, all other passes off the Mercy Home campus are awarded based on their progress and participation in program.

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    Audrey Fischer

    Is Mercy Home for pre-teens too? ... and even younger?

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    Joe H.

    Hi Audrey,

    Yes, we support children as young as 11.

    Kind regards,


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