Who pays the expenses?

Mercy Home assumes responsibility for all of the following expenses associated with residential care:

  • Around-the-clock (24/7) care, 365 days per year
  • Operation of two campuses with three eight-hour shifts
  • Elementary, secondary, and college education
  • Counseling
  • Food and other essentials of daily life
  • Health care Job readiness and job placement
  • Recreational and extracurricular activities
  • Transportation to and from school each day

The price of rebuilding young lives is high, but the costs are relatively low compared to the loss of a child’s future. That is why we steward the trust and faithful support provided to us by donors throughout the country who provide us with nearly all of the funds we need to give kids a second chance.

Because of this generosity, we are able to provide excellent care for children and families on a sliding fee scale so that all families can benefit from the programs at Mercy Home. Cost never prevents someone from receiving services at Mercy Home.

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    Audrey Fischer

    This is amazing generosity and commitment!

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