What impact does your work have on the community?

Mercy Home has a proven track record of helping young people grow into self-reliant adults.

  • 72% make significant progress in overcoming their problems while at the Home
  • 96% was the graduation rate for Mercy Home’s young people
  • 89% of Mercy Home’s youth age 17 and older worked

Mercy Home’s young people go on to college or professional training, and secure gainful work—both with our continued support and guidance. For example:

  • A recent alumna graduated with her MBA from the University of Chicago.
  • A young man who held an internship through Mercy Home at The Private Bank this past summer secured a full-time position there.
  • Several of our young men and women have taken advantage of full tuition scholarships to Elmhurst College and St. Xavier University.

By removing emotional and educational obstacles, and replacing them with the people and support systems each child needs, young people are empowered to break cycles of despair that often plague generations of their families.

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