How well do your young people do in school?

Our young people come 2.6 years behind their peers in math, and 2.1 years behind in reading. But with Mercy Home’s help, they gain ground: in one year at Mercy Home, they gain on average: 1.6 years in math and 1.5 years in reading. In addition:

  • 100% attended school regularly
  • 98% advanced a grade level
  • 96% of our 8th + 12th graders graduated
  • 92% of our high school seniors graduated
  • 89% worked at least a part-time job
  • 94% of those held that job for at least 6 months

To help them achieve academically, Mercy Home:

  • Conducts base-line testing on each child upon admission to understand their true grade level in the critical subject areas of math and reading.
  • Places each child in the best possible school that meets his or her specific educational needs.
  • Forms an individually-tailored educational plan for each child with goals and timetables Proctors computerized learning in math and reading.
  • Maintains fully-equipped learning centers on each campus 
  • Provides tutors and study time 5 nights a week.
  • Provides an extensive catalogue of AfterSchool learning programs and interest-based electives taught at Mercy Home by qualified educators.
  • Helps young people secure jobs and internships with their partners in the business community.
  • Provides more scholarships for AfterCare members to support continued success after the Home. 
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