What is Aftercare?

Mercy Home’s Aftercare program watches over the young people who have left our Home. We make sure that our youth can begin their independent lives with a sure footing, helping them find a job, an internship or their first apartment. Many of our young people attend college after leaving Mercy Home. We help them adjust to life at college—and even give them a place to stay on their breaks from school. 

In order to replicate an ideal family, Mercy Home’s Aftercare program makes it clear to former residents that if needed, help (therapy, counseling, job connections, budgeting, etc.) is provided and available to them. Once a youth is a member of the Mercy Home family, they should feel comfortable to come back in order to work things out in their lives. Aftercare is a way of protecting the serious investment made in a child once they’ve lived at Mercy Home.

Mercy Home has been a pioneer in aftercare research casework services since the early 1980s.

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